eCommerce Engineering
We focus on the two leading enterprise eCommerce platforms, Shopify Plus and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. We provide strategic guidance based on our in-depth experience building and running these digital businesses and operations.
Shopify Plus Engineering
Salesforce Commerce
Cloud Engineering
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Salesforce Commerce
Cloud Engineering
Our eCommerce Engineering Services
Shopify Plus Engineering
We have extensive multi-platform enterprise eCommerce experience that we bring to bear on your Shopify Plus strategy and implementation projects. Our Shopify team builds engaging customer experiences and seamlessly integrates with any existing back-end system, regardless of its complexity. Our hybrid onshore and offshore delivery teams go beyond migration, implementation and support services to ensure that your team is well-trained, your site is properly merchandised and your site is fine tuned for optimal performance. Trust in our distinguished track record of success to elevate your Shopify Plus experience. Choose expertise. Choose Maze.
Salesforce Commerce Cloud Engineering
Our Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) team has significant experience dating back to the pre-Salesforce Demandware days. We provide strategic advisory, platform migration and run support services. Our certified, hybrid onshore and offshore delivery teams provide on-time and on-budget quality service for your SFCC needs. We work with multi-brand and multi-country clients to achieve economies of scale by architecting scalable and reusable solutions. We provide operations support and training services to facilitate a smooth transition to the new SFCC environment.
Our eCommerce Engineering Capabilities
eCommerce Migration
Transition to Shopify Plus and Salesforce Commerce Cloud with our expert eCommerce migration services. We specialize in integrating your new online storefront with existing back-office systems, and ensure a smooth migration to the new platform.
Run Services
Ensure your eCommerce platform excels post-launch with our dedicated run services. We focus on maintenance, updates, and performance checks to keep your online store operating at peak efficiency.
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
Boost your online conversions with targeted CRO strategies. We dive deep into performance metrics to tailor an optimization plan that enhances user experience, engages customers, and increases sales.
Revamp your online store with our strategic merchandising services. We refine product placement and catalog management to resonate with consumer trends and drive your brand's sales forward.
Words From Our Clients
“I’ve worked with Maze on 3 separate occasions, and am working with them again for the 4th time. We’ve worked together on both Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Shopify Plus implementation projects and they always provide great service and excellent results.”


CDO JCPenney
EVP eCommerce Warner Music Group
CDO Pandora
“Partnering with Maze has been transformative for our retail brands. They have meticulously built all of our brand sites on Shopify Plus and seamlessly migrated our ESPs to Klaviyo, showcasing a synergy of strategic insight and technical prowess. We are incredibly impressed with the results and grateful for Maze's unwavering dedication to our partnership.”

Rob Weis

VP of Digital Technology
“Maze provided sound technical guidance on our conversion rate optimization and Salesforce migration strategies. They are excellent strategic thinkers based on their deep implementation experience.”

Richard Adams

Senior VP of E-Commerce at JCPenney
General Manager, VP Consumer at Quest Diagnostics
“Maze has been a great SFCC partner for Forever21. They helped the F21 digital teams deliver strategic initiatives and maintain the website experience.”


SVP, Digital Technologies, Engineering and Data
SPARC and Forever 21
Retention Marketing
Maximize your marketing potential with our Retention Services, tailored to meet your business at any stage. Whether you're looking to migrate to a new Email Service Provider (ESP) or enhance your current platform, our team offers the expertise to optimize your email marketing operations. Beyond migrations, we provide extensive run services and in-depth training, empowering your team to manage and utilize your ESP effectively, ensuring you maintain full control and maximize the impact of your marketing efforts. Partner with us for a strategic approach that supports your goals and gives your business the tools to thrive autonomously.
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Our Retention Marketing Capabilities
Migrating to a new Email Service Provider (ESP) can be a complex endeavor. Our migration service manages every detail, ensuring that integrations are seamlessly connected, IP addresses are warmed up properly to maintain sender reputation, and the data schema is structured for optimal use. By navigating the intricacies of the migration process, we guarantee a smooth transition, reducing potential disruptions and setting the foundation for successful email campaigns.
Run Services
Consistent, efficient marketing operations can propel a business forward. With our run services, we assist teams in harnessing their platform's potential, setting up new campaigns and automations, and managing marketing calendars. We take on the heavy lifting, so businesses can focus on core strategies and adapt quickly to any changes.
Empowerment leads to innovation. Our training process is designed to equip your team with the knowledge and skills they need to proficiently utilize your new platform. With hands-on guidance, we ensure that your team is prepared to execute best-practice DTC email automations and fully leverage the functionalities of the chosen software.
Words From Our Clients
“Partnering with Maze has been transformative for our retail brands. They have meticulously built all of our brand sites on Shopify Plus and seamlessly migrated our ESPs to Klaviyo, showcasing a synergy of strategic insight and technical prowess. We are incredibly impressed with the results and grateful for Maze's unwavering dedication to our partnership.”

Rob Weis

VP of Digital Technology
“Maze has been a true partner to us, providing valuable insights to drive our short-term goals and long-term strategy. They never promise and under-deliver. It’s rare to find a partner that provides such consistent and high-quality work throughout the years.”

Audrey Yu

Chief Digital Officer
Tata Harper
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Performance Marketing
Streamline your path to growth with our Performance Marketing services, where precision meets creativity. Our approach is designed to adapt to the latest shifts in the industry, placing a significant emphasis on high-impact ad creatives and conversion-optimized landing pages. We manage your paid media across Google, Meta, and TikTok, not only to expand your customer base and increase average order value (AOV) but also to elevate your top-line revenue. With our campaign management expertise, creative services, UGC (User-Generated Content) sourcing, and efficient landing page build-outs, we craft a custom acquisition strategy that resonates with your brand's unique identity.
Our Performance Marketing Capabilities
Strategic Positioning
Everything starts with positioning for your ad campaigns. We focus on finding the reasons why your brand is great from the voice of your consumers, and turn that into unique angles for your ads. Finding blue oceans for your brand to compete in that will help ad performance in a brand-friendly way.
Targeted Ad Content
Once we determine your most unique positioning, we work together to create native ad content that’s targeted to the right user. Focusing on the creative content, we ensure that each ad is talking to your unique avatar to make high-converting ad campaigns.
Custom Landing Page Experiences
Sending your prospects and customers to the right destination can make or break your ad campaign performance. We craft high converting landing pages that educate, inspire action. Ensuring a user gets the right information at the right time is our exact goal. We produce market-friendly landing pages that don’t create lots of development resources.
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