Elevating E-Commerce
Navigating Digital Transformation for Coty’s Prestigious Brands with Shopify Plus
Coty, a leading name in the beauty industry, embarked on a journey with us to transform and elevate the digital experience of its diverse brands. Entrusted with the pivotal role of optimizing their eCommerce platforms, our focus was to seamlessly transition Orveda, innovate for CoverGirl,  and revamp site merchandising for Kylie Cosmetics and SKKN BY KIM, all on the robust Shopify Plus eCommerce platform.
Salesforce Commerce Cloud Run Service Multi-Year Retainer
We collaborated with Forever 21 to enhance their digital commerce experience by upgrading their SFCC eCommerce store. Maze also integrated Dynamic Yield to introduce sophisticated personalization capabilities, ensuring a more tailored and dynamic shopping experience for their customers.
Elevating E-Commerce
Streamlining Email Marketing with Klaviyo Migration
Coty, a conglomerate of world-class beauty brands, faced significant challenges with their antiquated email service providers, which hampered their marketing capabilities and stifled business responsiveness. Struggling with a lack of integration, limited functionality, and time-consuming operations, they sought a solution that could unlock untapped opportunities and streamline their Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) email automations.
Elevating Recess
A Strategic Approach to Streamlined Performance Marketing & Product Launch
The partnership between Recess and Maze showcases a dynamic and strategic solution to marketing hurdles, leading to significant business triumphs. By reducing the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and successfully introducing Recess Mood, this case study exemplifies the power of customer-focused and cohesive strategies in propelling brand growth and resilience. Brands aiming to conquer comparable obstacles can draw essential lessons from Recess’s experience, emphasizing the importance of synergistic collaborations and comprehensive strategic implementation.
Building an International Tailored Shopify Experience for Omaze
This partnership exemplifies how a global collaborative approach, combined with the ability to understand and solve complex problems, can lead to successful outcomes. Our tailored solutions enabled Omaze to overcome its challenges, automate processes, and enhance customer experience, thereby contributing to its ongoing growth trajectory. The experience gained from initial challenges has also enriched our learning, enabling us to adjust and align better with our clients' needs for future projects.
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