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How Brands Can Solve their Facebook Attribution and ROAS Problem in the Face of IDFA

Zack Werner
May 1, 2021

Maze’s CEO, Zack Werner, chats with Retina AI on how to quickly understand and prepare for the post-IDFA world.

Earlier this year, Apple began releasing iOS 14.5, which prompted users to answer whether they would allow their data to be tracked for advertising purposes. This means that brands are continuing to face an increase in measurement uncertainties. During the webinar, Zack and Emad Hasan from Retina AI discussed:

•How you can work through converting customers earlier as retargeting becomes increasingly difficult with iOS 14.5

•How to maximize the collection and impact of your first-party data in a privacy-centric way

•ROAS vs. CLV: What combination of alternative channels you should consider investing in to maximize your customer lifetime value

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